The creation codes are only accessible through an energetic channel of pure resonance and only actualized through true alignment ~ Katrina

A tone from the heart of creation has emerged in response to the call of the hearts that are birthing through them a new energetic template that will stabilize and sustain the planet as we move even more deeply into the forming of the new earth.

 This tone holds within it the keys to liberate us from the shackles we have worn as humanity for far too long.

 This ancient tone initiates you into the remembrance of your sacred agreement and the wisdom you have that will allow for your consciousness to flower into the true expression of your divinity into form.

 You know deep within that you came here to be in service in a way unlike you have ever been before and that your willingness to walk through the hell has given you the keys that will awaken, inspire, and liberate this planet into the truth of our pure nature

 In the full embodiment of trust we find that we have already built the structures for this time and they are awaiting your pure essences return

 Within you is the key that will unlock the ability to interface with the new reality that is being created through your connection and expressed through your life stream.

 You are becoming your own universe navigating the elements of a planet in transition. You know your light is needed now more than ever.

 There is a deep inner calling that feels like it is ready to burst into expression… A calling that brings to the surface even the slightest misalignment to unify them into the true alignment of your heart

 This refinement sets into motion the evolution of consciousness and you actualizing your soul agreement unifies the divine potential of the cells within the body of humanity.

 This knowing reaches really deep and has brought us through massive transformation to get here in this moment where we are ready to open as the conduits of what pure creation truly is.

 The unification of the heart brings this reality into form. What is the unification of the heart? Across the timelines beyond the woven contracts into the strong stabilized field of your own source connection with all that is.

 This is an initiation of source and will be bringing the soul to a new level of actualization, freedom, and true prosperity. The heavens are ready to open and we are holding important keys for this to occur.

 There is nothing here that can compare or touch the purity and the power of that which is ready to flower out of your heart and to be shared with the people. We are becoming the gift that has been given to the planet and with this comes responsibility, but we are ready for it.

 Who are we to be or do this? Who are we not to come forward and honor the walk that you have taken, the sacrifices (no more of this) that you have made, the truths you have evolved from….

We set this into motion a very very long time ago when we initiated this creation and we are now being called to bring it all home once again. Many are called but few answer and walk the middle path embodying the truth that activated the tone that unlocks the gates to freedom for humanity. If you are reading this then you have answered and are ready to put into action that which you have accessed. We can not do this alone, it will take us all.

What is Conduits of Pure Creation? 

Conduits of Pure Creation is a finely curated advanced training ground for assisting soul committed initiates with cultivating the ability to bring the etheric into form each moment, while becoming the embodiment of their pure genius. This is a highly dynamic space to provide the structures for what is coming through your heart of creation and to be the unity within polarity. In this space you will be grounding so deeply into humanity that you are so the merging of embodied genius is fully flowing through all that you touch. It is also a ground that will birth through collaborative efforts and offerings that will be so aligned to those that are ready for your unique message.


We will be working deeply in these ways: 

Embodiment- What this truly is and understanding the process of evolution so you can see more clearly into your own becoming and have deep integrated wisdom of exactly what is occurring for others in these times of transition.

 The embodiment is not occurring the way that so many have described and understanding how to be in form at a time where the earth is merging back into itself while humanity is mirroring the bridging process requires adept levels of integration that are now available for you.

 Refinement- Getting really clear in what is working for your life stream and having other bright souls to reflect back how this is being received (accountability here as well). Your intuitive gates will come into precise alignment with your heart gate while you become clearer through our 3 Pillars of Development.

 Cultivation- Reaching into the depths of your innate wisdom and providing the internal network to allow for the natural alchemical process to be reestablished to work on autopilot. This reestablishment and trust in your own system will allow you to expand your capacity to see further and step more fully into the development of your innate abilities while being intimately connected to all of creation. You will be cultivating your multi-dimensional sight and refine the ability to translate etheric creations into tangible reality.


What does working closely in this way provide for you? 

*Note that mastery has never been somewhere you get to ultimately but something that is cultivated and continuously refined as we are ever evolving being of higher consciousness assisting all levels of ourselves to return home and reclaim our creator states.

 Matrix Mastery

It completely unlocks the matrix that you designed for your unique genius to touch the world in a way it has never done before. With this mastery you are given the keys to assist others with coming out of the

 Emotional Mastery

It will strengthen your ability to discern between dimensional realities and see into the highest alignment in that moment to create truly consciously. Where the subconscious must make itself known in that moment of unifying your internal polarity to create outward motion that is purely aligned.

 Mental Mastery

You will know what to do with what you are seeing and how to shift perspectives in that moment so it can reveal itself to you for best actions. The mind will come in sync with the internal reality of your source beingness and give you powerful ways to contextualize what is presenting so the illusion release hold and the truth is made known.

 The opportunity to share your genius and to have the support of others while you are bringing forward this really sensitive yet divinely powerful expression of your fullness into form. This is one of the most precious gifts we have to be in connection with one another to witness the becoming.

 In a few words liberation balance and full connection into the true power and actualization of who you truly are.. The ability to actualize the potential that is within and to activate all that is your reality into this remembrance once again


Our 3 Pillars of Creation Development: 

Seership – you will develop great ability to see into energetic fields, holographic structures, timelines, and this very moment. To be a seer is to be able to see beyond the illusion of past, present, and future. It is to be so in the moment that you can honor all of it and construct your reality from the knowing of what is a possibility and/or a probability. In this pillar you develop skills for accuracy and the ability to bring through information that aligns perfectly with the situation or the person.

 Architect– you will understand the mechanics of this reality and how it works so you can speak into and create a new where it is no longer upholding the wellbeing of those that it influences or affects. This will take you into advanced levels of understanding your own creation (your life or life curriculum) and seeing where it is you have been given domain through your unique genius. This will be a powerful training ground that will give you the ability to truly create not only your reality but as you initiate deeper understanding of how your genius is architecting the new earth.

 Magician– you will know how to navigate the mind so you can shift your perspective in one moment to see multiple potentials and see into what is holding what is presenting in expression so you can make choices that are purely aligned into the heart of what is truly occurring in your reality and the reality of others. This is also the more mystical and magical training ground that will bring in the elements and give you fuller access into pure connection and transform the underlying fears in the moment. Yes you can move through deep things in a moment’s time without the massive swing of polarities.


Love Note:

 Katrina meets me right as I am about to take the next step in my spiritual evolution and helps me fine tune my alignment process on a much deeper level. Her potency to pinpoint the depth of an issue and trace the cause of an issue is deep beyond measure. I have worked in this field for over 33 years and Katrina’s work is elite beyond measure, her work stands out beyond any healer I’ve ever experienced before.Katrina’s expertise and precise connection finds the depth of work I need to improve myself on levels of heightened awareness, that for me is critical in the work I provide for my clients and my students. I would refer Katrina to anyone seeking deep energetic knowledge and those who wish to gain a deep sense of what needs to be changed in themselves to develop their own personal growth and enlightened awareness. Matthew


The Structure of Pure Conduits of Creation: 

We will come together for the first 6 weeks to prepare you for the 3 pillars. You will learn your unique tone and open your connection to the sacred language of your heart. We will be laying in another level of your foundation for the new light ground that you will be creating through you. We bring a lot of understanding of the language that you will be working with and begin interacting with the light ground to establish the channels for our intuitive gates.

 Each Pillar we will be in for 6 weeks to ensure that we are really cultivating, embodying and refining each aspect of the pillar and we are able to utilize this in our moment to moment reality.

 After the completion of the 24 weeks of training we will come together in a 3 day gathering to really harness all that we have been cultivating. This will be a beautiful time to meet those that are here within this space with you and witness what our connection creates together. More on this gathering is provided.

 Before we enter into the remaining 12 weeks together we will do another assessment to see where we are. During these 12 weeks you will have an opportunity to become certified in an advanced technology that will train you how to re-establish the pure connection for groups of people through Mother Earth. I am really excited to be bringing this forward and it is at this level of training that will bring you into a

 refined resonance of the tone of creation and how to use it on a larger scale. You will also have the opportunity to become a part of a network of souls here for the evolution of humanity. More on this is provided.


The breakdown of this Container: 

24 Core Lessons with supplemental information and more added depending on the initial assessments of our group

12 Trainings where you are working directly in the energy and cultivating the skills and working with establishing your own protocols

2 Weeks Placed in for anything that may arise or for planning potential collaborations. The level of alignment we will be operating in will make this rather clear

Special Trainings from other soul aligned teachers that will be selected by the needs of our collective energetics

1 3 day gathering that will bring so much of it home for you. This will also be where specialized training and deeper soul initiations will be shared based on the development of our time together. More details given at a later


Also Included:

Special Bonus Access to the New StarSeed Landing 12 week process to further assist with grounding the ascension of your trinitized being. Here you will see how the technology operates and how it is an important tool for the merging process that the whole planet is experiencing. This will be launching soon to answer the call. 

Plus Other Bonuses that will be shared as they open up


Who Am I to Lead You into this New Level of Actualization? 

This is a question that I asked myself from the beginning of being called out into initiations that I had no context for. I found myself asking why me? Out of all the people in the world why am I to show up to speak to Mother Earth, to recode generations of pain and separation? Why is it that the whole universe opens itself up to me and the hearts of the people humble me into ever expanding ways of being in service. It was expressed to be that you are not chosen by your qualifications but that you are qualified by your willingness to serve. 

I had no metaphysical background but a life of surviving some of the most difficult circumstances and a love that radiated through me that despite what was in front of me I could see the truth of why others were as they were in that moment. 

It took 8 years of initiations that would just happen and realities continuously dissolving …. Leaving me to see the truth that was within me. There was no running from it and I couldn’t give it to some else (I tried). There was nooe in the physical that could give me insight for I was forging a new way that took great devotion and complete surrender. I learned to listen and completely surrendered into the becoming of this truth that was further reaching then I could have ever imagined… peace became my core energy and I became limitless in my abilities. My creator state was restored through my willingness to show up and by using my energy wisely. The soul completely overwrite the personality and after 8 years it has stabilized in the most beautiful expression of my essence. I reached mastery of my conduiticy of source and was given full access for the purpose of assisting those that agreed to be in pure service. I will share more about the conduit that I am and go more in depth about the responsibilities of this within our first 6 weeks together. 

I am a hub of resources for the evolution of humanity and agreed from the beginning of the creation of this planet to be that guiding light of remembrance for those that also agreed and are ready to actualize it. I am continuously in training with Mother Earth and have unparalleled access into the New Akash for actualizing what is purely in alignment for the well being of all. 

If you would like to know more about how else I have served and more information you can access the media page here.


Special Invitation: 

If you are reading this invitation then you are one of the Founders. I was shown that your DNA has been activated to 76% and you are ready to actualize the encoded keys of creation … I am honored to be here with you at this time for it has been a very long journey for us all to be here now. It’s time to actualize it and allow creation to once again be anchored from within.

 You will be recognized as this and it is shown that each one of you will know why this is and what you create from this space will have vast reach. We will begin together on March 28th 2022 and you will be prepared before we enter the container together.

 This 6 month training ground has taken deep commitment, many levels of investment, and specialized skills to bring through at this time. It has taken everything that I have ever known, experienced, and have taught to even reach these levels of connection and to open the gateways for those that will use this access wisely.

 It is my heart of hearts that brings this through for you as the call is so loud it shakes me at my core. This is my response and my willingness to embark on the wisdom that comes through. This is beyond a training ground but the very foundation of a network that we have the potential to birth through us to sustain the creation of the New Earth. This is a place where we can collaborate and be in pure resonance while the planet moves through deep restructuring and your development is a guiding light and stable ground for pure creation.


What is the Investment for this Unparalleled Opportunity: 

This 6 month training ground and this level of support is easily a $65,000 investment but I am opening this for an investment of $8,555.

 As a founder I would like to honor the role you will have with supporting me by opening this ground and bringing life to a network that will have radical influence and impact on the world. There will be platforms created through your contribution that will bring support to communities and to people that are struggling with the changes the planet is going through.


I have created payment plans as well if you need the spaciousness. The payment plan is $1525 for 6 months. Here is the link to set this up.


I am also opening a fast acting investment of $7800 for the next 24 hours for honoring the calling of your heart.


Here is the link for this:


Love Notes From Soul Clients: 

Working with Katrina helped me see my potential in ways that I can’t even describe. I see the way she holds space for my growth in both vision and energy and it’s absolutely beautiful. I hope to be as generous with my vision and faith for others. Working with her has raised the bar for me with myself and other healers. I walk away forever changed in a good way. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.” Catherine Navarro

 “If you are interested in reaching your Highest Divine Potential, I highly recommend Katrina Armstrong. A powerful instrument of God during this auspicious time on earth. She has an innate ability to heal through holding space and energy for others. All the while exuding an air of calm that is very uplifting! Channeling dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs, in the moment. Initiating clearing, balancing, activating and aligning with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Katrina Armstrong humbly offers activations, cellular release, channeling, and more, as she anchors Love into the Earth! She is amazing!” Phyllis Trammell


I am honored to be guiding you home to the fullness of your heart and to be walking this out to show humanity what is truly possible when we are radiating in the genius of our true essence.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at