Join us in a sanctuary where your soul light illuminates the living code within you.

The very code that is breaking down the old to make way for your soul’s true expression. This space will assist you with bridging this while holding you in a pure resonance of source light.


In this field of pure resonance you will breathe with the earth and receive nurturing support as you integrate higher aspects of your soul.

I’m so thrilled to share with you an exceptional opportunity made available to share monthly soul transmissions with Living Light Initiations and encoded messages for your Sacred Journey this new cosmic year and to really maximize your connection to your higher creative light.

During these SOUL TRANSMISSIONS, You will be able to access higher visions for your path with assistance of your Light Council. Every Transmission is equipped with specific exercises to help you walk through that vision. Every third Wednesday, we hold one Grounding the Light Soul Transmission.   

More than ever before, it is paramount to access your light and ground it as you walk on the path of ascension. An important element of these vision ceremonies is LIGHT INITIATIONS where you will be able to release and unlock your matrix through accessing higher levels of your consciousness.   

To support your sacred journey, encoded messages will come from the ‘ HEART of creation‘.    

These encoded messages are pouring through my consciousness for visionaries, healers, wayshowers, Starseeds, Architects and activators that are looking to find the highest pathways through the matrix of creation while going through the human challenges. Our human existence and the beauty of our daily experiences may sidetrack your attention at this grand awakening journey.

These codes are calling visionaries like you to enVISION the highest possible outcome for your soul evolution, remembering, downloading Soul’s Vision for this grand journey, releasing the stagnant energies that no longer serve your highest good and receiving support through the initiations.  

In order to really integrate these codes it is important that you are given the support to release the stagnant energetics, patterns, and emotions that have not allowed your true soul tone to radiate out to the universe. This is a deeper opportunity to transcend the limitations of the stagnant energy through quantum work and liberate your true connection for creating.

I am so committed to assisting you with bringing forward your soul vision for I know it will set you free and allow you to claim your sovereign birthright.  

All my love,
Katrina Armstrong    

Some of what you will experience:

Activation of an ever flowering connection to your greatest gift

Access to unparalleled levels of your soul

Deep peace that nourishes the body and relaxes the mind

Increase of Inspiration and Creative Energy

Clear Insight and Direction in Your Life

Great Access to the Heart 

Much greater awareness of your own divinity and connection to spirit

Greater Awareness of your own ability to create your reality

Deeper ability to relate to your surroundings

Decrease in physical pain in the body

Healing of Old Stories and Deep Seeded Pain

Release of Fears that have held you back in life

Greater Confidence and Trust in Yourself

A greater feeling of wholeness within expansion of your intuition

Clarity to make choices that are fully aligned

Resolved issues in relationships

“If you are interested in reaching your Highest Divine Potential, I highly recommend Katrina Armstrong. A powerful instrument of God during this auspicious time on earth. She has an innate ability to heal through holding space and energy for others. All the while exuding an air of calm that is very uplifting! Channeling dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs, in the moment. Initiating clearing, balancing, activating and aligning with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Katrina Armstrong humbly offers activations, cellular release, channeling, and more, as she anchors Love into the Earth! She is amazing!”

Phyllis Trammell

Here is your invitation to join us in this sacred sanctuary and receive assistance with illuminating and integrating the living light of truth within you that is so ready to support you with truly creating what your heart is calling you forward for. 

We come together every 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 5:00 PM MST. These calls will not exceed 90 minutes. Once you book you will get the details for this LIVE call and the support will already begin!


All proceeds of our Living Light Temple go towards scholarships to assist those that are needing support with making it over the threshold so they can receive training with us. This is a monthly contribution. Unsubscribe at any time.


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We are honored to provide this sacred container of transformation and this opportunity to step into who you have truly always been.  

For more information about me, Katrina Armstrong, Creator of Divine Bridge for Humanity please see our About Page.

“Working with Katrina feels like coming home in some ways. Her love comes through in all that she says and does. There is truly no judgment, only love. Her words flow over you, and with that you feel lighter, open.”

Caroline Nixon