Divine Hearts, We Have Arrived  

The living light of source is penetrating all of our earthly systems hastening the revelation of your true essence. This sudden, powerful summoning may be accompanied by resistance, confusion, and/or fear. Perhaps you have not opened in this way, do not know how to fully open or do not know what you are being called to do.

Even though this is the very energy that will allow your unique contribution to humanity to stream through the new network and open your ability to create miraculously… you may be finding certain patterns of behavior that trap you in self-defeating cycles!

What are you still holding onto that never belonged to you?

We must release the hold on what is quickly dissolving around you and return home to the truth that has been calling you back…. No longer can you pretend to be someone or something that you never truly were…

Why are you holding back, when you know the planet needs you now?

The truth within you can no longer be contained and you know that this is your time to rise beyond the veils that have distorted your connection and tainted the expression of your pure heart…

I understand and it is not your fault, I get it. I have found myself in these cycles so many times that it makes me sick to see people struggle unnecessarily.

The answer to all of this has been ingrained in every cell being suppressed, distorted, and manipulated and it is ready to be given the ground to flow organically so your truth has the potential to expand and create exactly what is needed for the evolution of your soul and the planet…

The Game is OVER! You must answer the call and finally let go of all that has gotten you here.

Awakening within your cells is the light of creation itself looking for a way to express. There is no ignoring this, it is a fact that can not be stopped. 

Our Ancestors seeded this potential and plowed the pathways in hope that we would make it here. Now here we are given the most precious gift to actualize for the wellbeing of us all.  

The actualization of this potential takes dynamic light to see and activate the structure for it to open and allow the soul to crystalize into the knowing of what your unique essence is here to bring into this new era for humanity. You are that light awaiting to be expressed into your reality! 

This era is built from the pure resonance of our heart connection which ushers us into forming the very ground through us. We have forgotten this and have adapted to the resonance of fear, pain, and confusion. It was never meant to be this way. The days of survival and separation will no longer be fed our precious life force, it ends here. 

What is This Convergence Providing for You? 

This is the convergence of the codes, structures, and keys to unlock the very template within you that will liberate your soul’s truth and open the network within you to integrate exactly what you need to rise into this new octave of light. There really is no other way to create in this level of light without internal structures that can hold it and honor the process of your transformation. 

I am Katrina Armstrong, Creator of Divine Bridge for Humanity 

My mission is to assist visionary souls to integrate higher light and develop their innate abilities so they can be in service in the way they were designed to be, fully thriving and creating heaven on earth.

In 2012 Katrina went through a massive transformation that shifted her consciousness and reality overnight. This transformation aligned her to being in service in many capacities, vibrating out of reality as she knew it, to begin service work with the planet. From that moment she agreed to become a composite of her oversoul consciousness to continuously upgrade , strengthen, and continue to expand to accommodate the potential of what humanity is capable of at this time. Upon awakening in this higher  reality  she began working with the deployment of energy coming into the planet and allowed her soul to guide her deeper into filling in where needed until more awakened to move into their mission.

During the last 11 years she has been dedicated to the ascension process and assisting humanity through teaching, training, speaking, hosting gatherings, recording for new possibilities, embodying the highest potential, releasing seals on sacred energy held in the earth, and bridging the new earth systems. 

Katrina holds higher vibratory frequencies and heightened awareness, to view and recalibrate the truth and illusion which are threads of this paradigm. She carries and effectively utilizes these frequencies to dissolve what is standing in the way of your greatest expression. She has powerfully cultivated her challenging life curriculum to provide her with unparalleled vision into what is clogging the pathways for receiving your divine birthright.

Katrina has reached a level of consciousness that allows her to be a pure conduit with access to all levels of her soul. She operates as a pure frequency of embodied love that activates through movement, words, tones, light language, and high vibrational energy transmissions.

Katrina retrieves, embodies and anchors the necessary templates, designs, and energies for humanity. She is carrying sacred keys to unlock the necessary codes for the evolutionary process; sacred tones and light language that resonates with the soul.

These sacred tones and various languages help to integrate DNA templates, new overlays, and soul retrievals. 

As a guardian of the higher Akash she can retrieve unique forms and sequences that will connect you with your remembrance of wisdom and the codes that you carry as you cross over the veil into the New Earth. 

 As a seer she is given insight into the timeline potentials of those that are guided to her to actualize the greatest plan for their soul’s incarnation at this time. She is fully dedicated to her mission and will be holding nothing back. To come forward from the background and stand solid in the truth of our soul is of great importance now.

I have awaited for this moment to arrive where the planet is fully lighting up and you are showing up to answer the call.

“Katrina meets me right as I am about to take the next step in my spiritual evolution and helps me fine tune my alignment process on a much deeper level. Her potency to pinpoint the depth of an issue and trace the cause of an issue is deep beyond measure. I have worked in this field for over 33 years and Katrina’s work is elite beyond measure, her work stands out beyond any healer I’ve ever experienced before. Katrina’s expertise and precise connection finds the depth of work I need to improve myself on levels of heightened awareness, that for me is critical in the work I provide for my clients and my students. I would refer Katrina to anyone seeking deep energetic knowledge and those who wish to gain a deep sense of what needs to be changed in themselves to develop their own personal growth and enlightened awareness.” – Matthew

This Convergence is an unparalleled Opportunity to:  

Experience a field of pure resonance where the earth can breathe and assist with the bridging through the nurturing light ground that is created to honor all aspects of you. 

In this level of coherence you release the deeply seeded energetics of fears, doubt, and confusion that are holding those unsupported patterns and identities in place in your reality. 

Learn about the language of creation and how we are being given an opportunity to speak from this level of purity to create sustainably for generations to come. 

There will be an understanding of what it means to be a soul infused personality and how to transcend the limitations of being fixed in an identity. We were not designed to be stagnant but to be ever flowing and fully connected. I will share with you how this happens and a simple way to come back to this. 

Receive access to parts of yourself that have laid dormant or are struggling to express in the light of your transformation. 

You will receive the opportunity to fully open into your sacred heart and be held by the frequency of pure love as you recode the pain of separation. 

Integrate aspects of you that are holding the keys to creating the reality that reflects your soul vision and the greatest callings of your heart. 

Our personality is overriding the divine truth and we must realign it so it is supporting you rather than sabotaging your life.


Access a level of connection that allows you to trust your path moving forward in this transformational moment on the planet .

You will have an ever expanding reach into the higher realms and with the beings of the purest intention to assist you with remembering.

Play in the purity of your inner child as it opens realms to explore within that hold the key to your true freedom and assist you with remembering your true nature.

With the limitless possibilities all within your reach you will find joy and ecstasy vibrating through the body welcoming everything into this level of pure bliss. You will enjoy your natural state returning as you play in the creative potential of what you have always held within you.

“Miracles have taken place in my life! My manifestation abilities have increased, my connection with my higher self and inner knowing has solidified. My limiting beliefs of impossibility have fallen away, and my belief in what’s possible for myself and Humanity have expanded more than I could have dreamt up! I highly recommend working with her as much as you are able.” – Madalyn 

I am honored to Introduce to you the Divine Conduits of Pure Creation that will serve as the anchors, activators, and skilled practitioners of Living Light. 

Godelieve Willer

Meet Godelieve Willer who will assist you to see the unique magic that you hold and assist you to open more fully to your gifts and purpose now.

Godelieve is a multi-dimensional energy reader and multi-channel intuitive mentor. Having a “foot in many worlds” she acts as a bridge between dimensions to bring wisdom, deep healing and activations to those who are ready to awaken their True Self now.

Godelieve has the magical ability to perceive someone’s consciousness and Heart-Mind connection, allowing her to perceive how one uses energy in their life. Using her ability to see and feel into both physical & etheric bodies, she is able to keenly identify and remove blockages and resistance to living one’s authentic True Self and Divine potential.

Her unique abilities enable her to intimately understand those she works with (their sub- conscious blocks & motivations, fears, heart’s desires, longings, wounded aspects, and higher potentials..) to help bring conscious awareness to the areas needing healing, putting individuals on an accelerated path to reclaiming their Power and remembering Who they came here to be.

Godelieve is a conduit for The Divine Mother energy and holds the template for the activated open Heart, an essential component of ascension. She transmits a Heart truth vibration that awakens the Heart and recalibrates the Heart-Mind connection to one’s authentic Divine self, activating one’s gifts to manifest in the here and now.


Terry Kuwanoe

Meet Terry, a Quantum Seer and Consciousness Facilitator who is here to support you in exploring higher levels of self-awareness and vibrational states.

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and reaching higher states of consciousness can be exciting but also challenging. Terry has the skills and wisdom to guide you along the way.

Terry has a special talent for understanding the complex energy structures that shape our lives. She can help you tap into these higher vibrations, unlocking deeper self-awareness and understanding.

With Terry’s guidance, you can navigate the complexities of your inner world and overcome obstacles that hold you back. She wants to empower you to access your full potential and connect with your true self.

Through Terry’s support, you’ll uncover the layers of conditioning and perception that might be hindering your personal growth. She’ll share how to face challenges head-on and clear the path to personal transformation.

Terry will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you gain clarity, find purpose, and develop a stronger connection to your authentic self. Get ready to embrace new realities and unlock the higher vibrations within you.


Kristen Bielecki

Meet Kristen, an Intuitive, Crystalline Grid Architect, Awakening and Soul Embodiment Guide. 

She creates a safe space for those ready to deepen their self awareness, transform imbalanced patterns to love, know and be their true Source selves.

Kristen has a passion for supporting people to have deep self inquiry, the ability to listen to their Soul, heart, thoughts, emotions and physical body, and the strength to apply what is felt and heard to be Unified on all levels for a free and joyful life.

She has co-authored International Best Selling books and she has an 8yo son who she loves to garden, hike, swim and connect to crystals with.


Destiny Di Gabriele

Meet Destiny who assists beings in traversing the quantum realms of ascension and evolution to further expand their conscious connection to the source of their divine inheritance. 

Destiny Di Gabriele is a multi-dimensional expression and anchor for unconditional love and Divine Unification. As a Galactic Shaman and Architect of New Earth, Destiny has spent lifetimes forming the foundation for her unique technology ~to land~ and ~amplify~ the frequency of this world. Guiding her deep into pleasure and the joy of being in service to the whole, she has opened her connection to all that is, to act as an open and pure conduit of creation. 

Her mission here is to support the embodiment of abundance, bliss and playful expression that is available for us all to experience. Destiny 

Given the multi-dimensional consciousness that Destiny streams, her “anchoring” methods range depending on who she is connecting with. She utilizes her connection and embodiment through different forms of channeling. Understanding the holographic reality of existence, she supports the surrendering of all that is not in alignment with your own. In this way, she receives certain encoded trans-missions, activations and initiations for those who are called to her. These support the physical and spiritual bodies of the individual with ~the opening~ into a new level of light within their system and Matrix. This assists in the accelerated attunement to your own living Creatrix and planetary soul mission. 

The Structure of Our Divine Convergence  

All 3 days will take place on a Quantum field of pure resonance that will allow all levels of your soul to reach you and for the organic alignment of your true design to be known. 

Here is where you will be led each day:

Day 1 :

Inner Child Liberation and Learning about the Living Light of Creation 

You will receive an introduction to Living Light and what is occurring within our inner and outer systems that will require this level of connection and understanding going forward.

You will be healing the greatest wound to retrieve your power and access your creative abilities that will allow you to open into your authentic expression. This is necessary to access the greatest potential of the soul in this new network of pure light that is rewriting the planet at epic speed.

Day 2:

Halls of the Ancestors Where Your Greatest Treasures Await 

In the unseen  realms of our planetary existence is a field where the ancestors await to hand over the generational wisdom that has been carried and held in a purely sacred way. For eons many of them have been serving as pillars between dimensions or holding this wisdom for when you arrive ready to walk out what your agreement is here at this moment on the planet. 

The sacredness of this day is not to be taken lightly and this is an initiation for those that know they are here to bridge humanity through their being. So much is awaiting here and with a pure heart and integrated matrix you will be ready to access it.

Day 3:

Divine Conduit Mandala of Integration and Soul Guidance for Navigating Your Life Stream  

This will be an experience you will not want to miss! The Quantum Integration Mandala opens a field of light that speaks to all aspects of your being and invites them to harmonize into the joy, peace, and pure knowing of the sacred heart. 

Everyone will have an opportunity to ask a question and because of the level of consciousness that each one of the Conduits can access, all questions are welcomed! 

This is a great space to also get clear with who you are becoming in this new light and what direction to focus on going forward from here. 

Yes, We Really Will Be Covering This Level of Depth and Integrating it Together! Imagine the Ripples this will Create for the Planet!! 

Your soul’s truth actualized at this pivotal moment is needed more than ever. Your innate power must be liberated and fueled by the living light that is awakening within your cells so you can fulfill your agreement supported by the whole universe.

“If you are interested in reaching your Highest Divine Potential, I highly recommend Katrina Armstrong. A powerful instrument of God during this auspicious time on earth. She has an innate ability to heal through holding space and energy for others. All the while exuding an air of calm that is very uplifting! Channeling dynamic frequency encodings of sound and light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs, in the moment. Initiating clearing, balancing, activating and aligning with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Katrina Armstrong humbly offers activations, cellular release, channeling, and more, as she anchors Love into the Earth! She is amazing!” Phyllis Trammell

The last convergence consisted of over 200 people and it made powerful waves, transformed lives, and so many people moved into a state of instant manifestation because of how aligned and lit up their hearts became!

This is not a surface level event and the energy that is streamed into it is highly transformational. We are fully showing up to assist you! 

Are you ready to show up for you and all the life your sacred heart came here to influence and impact?

We are honored to assist you at this level for a one time exchange of $111.

Register on or before July 6th to get the early bird exchange of $88

An opportunity to come together for 6 hours of service to your evolution is truly priceless and our combined multidimensional abilities will leave nothing untouched that is ready to transform. 

ALSO to AMPLIFY and ALIGN YOU into creating in this new light, I am honored to open these DIVINELY ALIGNED BONUSES that will prepare you for what is transpiring in our collective evolution!


Divinely Aligned Bonus #1:

The Living Code of Creation Initiation 

I have awaited for when this level of alchemical reunification would be ready and it is here. This is a WORLD CHANGING Opportunity that you will be given.

 Easeful manifestation and abundant experiences of true bliss are being offered as we dissolve the barriers to your divine dna and activate the very codes that you will be ready for once we arrive here. 

There will be many individual openings that align with your unique expression so you can be fully received and honored in this New Light. 


 Divinely Aligned Bonus #2:

4 Transmissions Through the Month of August

Yes, additional support to ensure that all that powerful work we have done together continues to dissolve the old energies and strengthen the true structures of the light within you! This is highly sought after support with integration that will come through right as that old fear or doubt comes back to make sure you are truly committed! 

 These transmissions will be sent to you through the month of August to support the integration of these codes and to continue to assist your body with integrating the higher dimensional light that is pouring into the planet. 

We open our hearts to welcome you into this dynamic level of quantum support and deep wisdom for actualizing your soul’s truth for stepping forward stronger than you have ever been able to do before. 

In service to your evolution and rise as the creator of the New Earth!
We are all ready for you!!!

© 2023 Divine Bridge for Humanity.