Cellular Ascension

“Supporting Your Choice to Consciously Evolve”

Have you been experiencing overwhelm and undesirable or possibly even unexplainable fear?


Fear often times lurks in the background and shows up right as you gain positive momentum and it robs you of creating new levels of success, fulfilling relationships, and/or leaves your physical body not feeling the way you know it could (low energy, excess weight, illness etc).

Deep seeded fear is locked into the cells of your body and it is fed by generations and lifetimes of limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns, and heightened emotions. This has caused a layering of outdated ways of being and stagnant energy to build up causing difficulty for you to be in control of creating your life.

Not only does this fear take control of your life it also blocks you from accessing your true gifts and abilities that are far from your reach buried underneath all these unhealthy layers of stagnant energy that has accumulated over time.

You Just Have To Make a Choice



Are you ready to journey deep into your cells to eradicate the hold that this dense and outdated energy has on your freedom, which will unravel and activate the true authentic expression of you to reclaim control of your life?

You have way more potential and power than you are able to access at this time trapped within the DNA found in these cells and my mission in this lifetime is to help you activate, awaken, and utilize your true gifts and abilities so you can experience a life that reflects your true worth.

It is with great honor I Introduce to you… The Cellular Ascension Program

A paradigm shifting program that is designed to release any remaining fear, disease, resistance, and limiting beliefs that are trapped in your DNA and to activate dormant light codes found in the cells of your body.

Your ability to create wealth, receive abundance, manifest your desires, feel joy and deep connection in every moment, attract your soul tribe and give and receive love with an open heart will be heightened and magnified.

Yes, it really is that powerful and I am humbly grateful to be able to bring this to you. But thank God I am not doing this work alone. You will experience my huge team of ascended masters and multidimensional connections in this process.

After the healing and activations you will have access to your unique spiritual gifts, expansion of your intuition, massive raising of your vibration, greater physical health, and your creativity will be unleashed (even if you don’t think you are creative, I promise you are)

This program is powerful. Only commit to this if you are truly ready to let go of everything that’s not serving you, because you are not walking away from this without profound healing and shifts that will change your life ( for the better of course).

Item 1: Preparing the Body For Infusions of Higher Light ($285 value)

A 90 minute Orientation and Group Meditation to prepare the mind and body for the release process and to give you guidance that will lead to powerful results.

This will be an energetic massage for your cells, body, and mind letting them begin to acclimate to the higher vibrations that will soon be normal.

This meditation also prepares your field for all the new energies that will be coming and give you a strong connection to the guides and angels that will be with you through Cellular Ascension. There is so much that presents to be in support of this powerful choice.

A 2 HOUR Small Group Healing and Releasing. This will powerfully transmute the fear and illuminate all the sabotaging patterns that need to be released from this life, parallel lives (past lives), ancestral lineage, and any other energetic garbage that is not serving your highest good.

All of the releasing will begin on this call and you will continue to release throughout the program. You will be held in the strong embrace of Archangel Michael as many fears will be called forward. As these fears are called forward you will experience:

Past life memories that are being cleared

Sensations in the body where resistance and fear has been stored and often times calcifes into illness and/or disease

Reactions will come to the surfaces that have been stored from past experiences and translate into your life as allergies that have plagued. These reactions will come forward to be released for good

There will be many thoughts that will present and highlight where limitation has lived in the body, oftentimes thoughts that don’t even belong to you!

Item 2: Cellular Release of Deep Seeded Fear, Pain, and Stagnant Energy

($377 value)

Release of contracts that are holding any painful, unwanted or repeating cycles of sabotaging habits

A complete cleansing of your field and your body from unbeneficial energy that was placed on you such as curses or negative thought forms

This unraveling will bring into your awareness where this energy has had control in your life so you can take action to reclaim your voice, your presence, and your power. Get ready to create a fearless and fulfilling life.

Your energy will be returned to you cleansed of any impurities and vibrating at the highest possible frequencies (good vibes coming, baby!!)

Item 3: Higher Light Activation of Remembrance Stored Within Your DNA ($459 value)

A 2 HOUR Activation. This activation will bring more light into the cells to expand your awareness and to activate DNA that has been waiting to support you with actualizing your highest potential! We will be accessing higher sequences of light that will awaken and create pathways into the universe so your heart’s true desires can be fully received.

This is an activation unlike anything you have experienced! You will experience heightened levels of euphoric remembrance of your soul light. While in this activation you will reach realms beyond your imagination that will enliven your body and awaken the crystalline structures within. These structures are your key to connecting to the universe and continuing to ascend into higher light.

This will allow you to vibrate at the frequency needed to manifest your desires, attract your soul tribe, feel joy, to have a deep connection with the present moment, and to expand your awareness beyond where it is now.

Item 4: Guidance for Operating in This New Light ($255 value)

A 90 Minute Call providing you with some of my most powerful techniques for maintaining this higher vibration and how to maximize your cellular ascension! These techniques are the very way that I was able to make massive changes with more grace and how I was able to form new ways of navigating the changes in life. Without knowing how to navigate your ascension journey, it will be difficult to sustain your progress. I have carefully selected several techniques to assist you with thriving and expanding.

These Techniques Will:

Show you how to use your connection to the Earth to create from your newfound awareness

Teach you how to retrain the mind so you are no longer giving any of your power away to unwanted thoughts

Train and replenish your auric field so you can maintain your presence and continue to activate more of the new light within your DNA

You will also experience a deep meditation that will realign your energetic body so you can fully embody the new vibrations of ease, abundance, and vitality. In this meditation we will work with your body intelligence to calibrate your cells to the highest level so you can actively use your activated remembrance now. Once we make the connection here it will become easier to sustain this new way of operating in your
highest light!

Item 5: 4 Powerfully Supportive Workbooks to Enhance Your Experience ($355 value)

These documents will give you guidance on what is needed every week and processes that will deepen your experience. They also provide exercises so you can practice and grow stronger in your connection.

PDF #1: Preparing Yourself for the Deep Journey Into Your Cells

This PDF will give you suggestions for the cellular release process. It will guide you in how to care for the body and other suggestions that will allow you to feel fully supported. You will learn different movements that support you with receiving the light and stones that will support you while you are journeying deep within. This PDF is full of supportive tips that will enhance your experiences and prepare you for opening into higher vibrational energy.

PDF#2: Steps to Deepen into What is Arising and to State Your Desires

This workbook will guide you through your intention setting process and teach you how to hold a higher vision so your mind and body knows where it is going. Our intentions are a powerful tool that will communicate to the body what is ready to open up. You will also get access to a daily routine that will enhance your ability to use the information that will be coming in from your guides and angels. The forming of this connection will assist you greatly with all the newness that will be coming in for you.


PDF#3: Working with Emotions and Preparing to Receive Higher Light

This workbook provides the steps to release stored thoughts that are plaguing your mind in the background. It also provides support for what arises daily so all the patterns that continue to form the stuck energy can no longer exist. This will allow you to form new pathways for the light you are opening up within. This workbook also prepares you for the activation of your Divine DNA. Using this Workbook with illuminate so much and allow for greater ease when you are moving through the Cellular Release Process.

PDF#4: How to Remain in Connection with Your Higher Self and Work with Your DNA Going Forward

In this workbook you learn how to work with your DNA. Your DNA holds the very key to forming new realities and after this time together yours will be so lit up! This workbook gives you a simple yet highly effective way to speak with your DNA to build a conscious connection with this ability that is your birthright.

There is so much within you that is ready to be accessed so you can create the reality that you envision. There are exercises for maintaining this level of connection with your higher self and how to bring this connection into your everyday reality.. This will bring you ongoing results and will empower you to sustain a strong and healthy connection.

Item 6: Cosmic Passage Ways ($930 value)

These passageways will connect you into the Cosmic Remembrance of your Soul. Each Passageway is connecting into high frequency cosmic energy to support you with reclaiming your power and activating your innate gifts. These are potent activations that will open you up to the power of your innate wisdom and vast connections for using all that awakens within you.



Passageway 1: Sirian Gateway Activation 60 minute teaching and activating audio ($155 value)

In this activation you will be connecting into the power of the Sirian Star System. The Sirians will be bringing through frequencies that will allow you to awaken inner courage, strength, and assist your body with opening to hold all this light that is ignited within.

The high frequencies that come through this activation will open your heart and align you to the supportive energies that Sirius has for you. As this energy comes in you instantly feel the body reorganizing to receive the nurturing remembrance of this pure connection.


Passageway 2: Earth and Soul Star Activation 43 minute teaching and activating audio ($155 value)

The Soul Star is where you make the connection with all that your higher realms have for you! It is where the very soul frequencies that will liberate your innate abilities are stored, awaiting for the cells to be ready to receive it. This is that moment! As the Soul Star opens it will need the balancing energies of the Earth Star to assist you with being able to embody with greater ease. The Earth Star brings with it the wisdom of the grandmothers that will speak so far into your soul calling forward the wisdom that has been carried through the generations. The very wisdom that can bring your soul frequencies to life! In this activation you will feel the cosmic light coming to open your access to your higher realms. This activation will also open your connection to the Earth so your higher light can be fully received and honored. This activation will open the channels for fully using the abilities and energies you access in this program.


Passageway 3: Anchoring the New Structures and Integrating the Formless 42 minute teaching and activating Audio ($155 value)

As you flower and blossom through all the unraveling and releasing of the outdated programs you begin to find that there is a new structure needed to hold all this magic. This transmission brings structured light to form exactly what is needed for you to actualize all that is uncovering itself. You will learn more about what is occurring on the planet and occurring within you as you form new ways of being that honor your heart. The soul comes forward as you travel through this passageway and you gain access into new creations that are forming from your powerful journey of liberation..

This passageway will give you a tangible way to understand feelings that have been arising and you will gain deeper awareness of the most aligned step to take in your life.


Passageway 4: Activate Your Inner Light Weaver 41 minute teaching and activating audio ($155 value)

In this activation you will be working with the Council of Design which is overseeing the changes that are happening on the planet. These are really high frequency beings that are coming in to activate the light weaver within so you can use all this new light to create the most beautiful life. You will experience a shedding of old layers of unsupportive energy, an integration of the aspects that have not been operating in integrity with your soul, and will activate the inner light weaver. I also share about my journeys and the transformation I went through to gain the ability to bring this activation to you. You will leave this call feeling empowered and having the ability to create with all this new light you have access to now! This is a powerful activation that will continue to open you up for more understanding of the light you carry within.


Passageway 5: System Reboot For Higher Light Quotient 39 minute teaching and activating audio ($155 value)

In this activation you will be supported by highly advanced pure cosmic light to assist your body with all the changes it is going through. This reboot will allow your whole system to realign so it can effortlessly flow this new light through it. This will provide ample opportunity for you to organize your life to match your heart’s true desire. This reboot also allows your system to come into full resonance with the highest potential available for you as you anchor even deeper into what is awakening within you. So much flowering occurs from this passageway.


Passageway 6: Source Transmission 20 minute teaching and activating audio ($155 value)

Source transmission for ease and clarity. In this channeling you will gain more awareness on what is occurring for us as we return from being separated from the pure connection of source. This activation will reach deep into the consciousness to support coming out of chaos and fully return into the clarity where you have full ability to navigate your reality.

Distant Healing Support

4 weeks of support (I put you in an energetic healing chamber each night so that The Ascended Masters will work on you as you sleep) You will pretty much be wrapped in light and love for the whole 4 weeks.

Benefits of Cellular Ascension:

  • Much greater awareness of your own divinity and connection to spirit
  • Greater Awareness of your own ability to create your reality
  • Deeper ability to relate to your surroundings
  • Decrease in physical pain in the body
  • Decrease in many types of allergies
  • Being Able to Connect With the Healing Frequencies for Yourself
  • Healing of Old Stories and Deep Seeded Pain
  • Release of Fears that have held you back in life
  • Greater Confidence and Trust in Yourself
  • A greater feeling of wholeness within
  • access to your unique spiritual gifts
  • expansion of your intuition
  • massive raising of your vibration
  • Healed health issues such as allergies, disease, and skin conditions
  • your creativity will be unleashed
  • Clarity to make choices that are fully aligned
  • Resolved issues in relationships

What Others Experienced in Cellular Ascension:

“So Much deep fear has been released, one of the most significant impacts is the severe food allergies that I had, i was to carry an epi pen around with me at all times. My food allergies are completely gone and this has brought so much relief. I didn’t realize how much energy it was taking from me and how much it was perpetuating even more fear in my life.”

“My biggest change was bringing spirituality and becoming a higher being into my human life, rather than the other way around. I fought for a long time try to figure out how to fit spirituality into my human life. Truth is, I needed to learn to first my human life into my spirituality. Many rounds of upleveling, growth, and expansion as we worked through the program.”

“I could feel complete bliss in my body and soul.”

“I gained a better connection to spirit. I found a greater sense of peace too. And the last shift that happened with healing an old story.”

“My biggest transformation so far is expansion. I feel like I am opening in a way I have never done before. I am still processing as well, so I am sure more will be revealed.
Releasing so much negative emotion and now having the ability to recognize when negative circumstances are triggering me”

“Feeling like a whole person, instead of pieces I connected to. and creating new contracts in my life for what i want and whom i’m with!”

What others are saying:

I am finding after finishing up for Katrina Armstrong’s latest class on Cellular Ascension, That i enjoyed the journey of exploration into what makes me who I am and also learning many tools I can use for releasing any unauthentic parts of my true self, while standing in and being the full whole me that i am. This class turned into a very unique and interesting tailored experience for me!

If you want to learn about your true self and let go of the “stuff” holding you back, I recommend to the MOON and BACK, working with the amazing astounding beautiful authentic Katrina Armstrong. Her clear channeling and guidance has taken me onto a part of my journey that I feel like perhaps i have been waiting my whole life to begin. She stands in service, clarity, and support of helping you learn how to FLY so give her a try! Thank you Katrina Armstrong!

– Erica

Katrina is the real deal. She is a loving and generous teacher and the class will take you to places you didn’t even know existed. Register for her course today!


I would say that working with her is a must in order to feel the capacity of your gifts and energetic field.


“Katrina Armstrong is an extremely gifted inter-galactic communicator and collaborator. She effectively enlists celestial entities to achieve designed goals. Empowering tools were revealed to me within 24 hours of her workshop to catalyze the growth of my life and strengthen the services in my business. Thank you for spirit for placing in my path the opportunity to work with Katrina.”

– Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong, Emotional Stabilizer and Green Educator

Here is what’s included:

This package is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and if you are open to receiving and serious about your soul’s growth this process WILL provide the opportunity for massive shifts in many areas of your life including relationships, abundance, self-love, fuller expression of self, expanding your gifts, and/or completely aligning you with your true path.

You’ll receive:

  • 3 Audio Process Calls
  • 1 90 minute Video Call
  • 4 Supportive Workbooks
  • 6 Audio Cosmic Passageways
  • 4 weeks of distant energy healing


The package value is well over $2600 and you can access it all today for $288 $111.

Here is where you make the choice and completely change your life.

With Love, Grace, and Integrity I see you and look forward to assisting you on the journey to complete wholeness and expansive self-expression.