Out of resistance into streams of pure creative freedom 

Are you ready to connect into and use your infinite stream of creative freedom? To fully allow your soul essence to assist you with using these transformational times as the very catalyst to the freedom your heart is so ready to express?

If so, I am beyond excited to be opening this potent ground of light to assist you with deeper integration and initiation into your soul code sequence. 

The very sequence you have that will spark your innate ability to create your reality from within  and actualize your soul potential….

During our time together I will share more on what a Soul Code Sequence is and how it is important that you are able to not only receive these but effectively integrate them so your innate abilities can guide you through life. These innate abilities are looking for a way to come through to shine light on what is really happening in your life. Let’s open the pathways so you can stream your essence with ease!

Receive Light Curriculums That Open Your Senses to a New Way of Navigating Your Reality

I have identified 3 key areas that will bring clarity to why you may be stuck in the same patterns and limited to pathways that don’t match the true soul stream. All those repeating emotional cycles and painful experiences are pulling important resources that cause difficulty in your ability manifest on the level you were actually designed to!

We will begin our journey through connection and open into the soul streams to guide us through a specific curriculum that is designed to initiate and integrate the soul in a simple yet profound way. You will also receive simple tools for ensuring you are aware of where you may be looping back into life force draining patterns.

Expand Your Capacity

This level of connection will allow you the opportunity to expand your capacity of receiving and through this journey you will align to the most refined pathway for your expression to infuse in your life in a fulfilling way

Align Fully in Your Body 

In this journey we will be reaching deep into the DNA to initiate specific key codes that allow the soul expression to overwrite the confines of what has held you out of alignment with your soul path and with the natural laws of the universe. 

Establish Pure Connection Through the Heart 

You will experience a deeper connection through the heart coherence field that will be present through all that join. This is such a powerful time to be coming together to connect on a soul level. 

May 23rd 4:00 to 7:00 PM MST

This will be a potent event with quantum rays streaming through the space. This is high vibratory energy that will feel tangible.  This level of light transforms, transcends, and transfigures all misaligned energetics and calls forward the purity of the heart so you can create through alignment. 

The investment for this Gateway Event is $397 however due to strong need I have opened this event as a Special Feature in the Living Light Convergence for $33.00.

For all who join live you will also receive a 20 minute Soul Assessment call that will reveal what is holding you from actualizing your greatest potential. (Value $800)


What Others Have Experienced During This Training

I started meditating about 25 min before call & literally could feel the energies & grids already forming prior to the call. Was surprised because when I first entered meditation my 3rd eye quickly opened due to the field you were opening up for us. Wow!

During call, past life imprints (pictures) were being removed. Saw codes & agreements that were a hindrance were also disappearing. There was a significant difference in the bandwidth when my mind spoke vs soul. When mind spoke, I gave it back to my spirit. Transition was quite quick. Fascinating.

I pulled a book in what I sense was Akashic Records & the info was transferred via a green color. Downloads throughout but the last one really gave goosebumps as energy waves flowed throughout my body. I saw u occasionally during call.

A lot of sacred geometric shapes & crystals. One was a crystal scepter of mostly purple & yellow gold. When soul stepped in reminded me of doing out of body work so the changes were instantaneous. All I can say is wow!! THANK U


Terry K

In deep appreciation and humbled Grace I look forward to being with you in this dynamic space for your initiation and integration.


Disclaimer: All transformation depends on your level of commitment and where your consciousness is at the beginning of the program. This is designed for all levels as the energy works with your higher self to bring the absolute best results. 

By attending this training you acknowledge that the teachers are not a doctor, psychiatrist, or any sort of licensed professional. You also acknowledge that you will not hold the teachers liable for anything that may or may not occur while utilizing the material.

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