Out of resistance into streams of pure creative freedom 

Are you ready to connect into and use your infinite stream of creative freedom? To fully allow your soul essence to assist you with using these transformational times as the very catalyst to the freedom your heart is so ready to express?

If so, I am beyond excited to be opening this potent ground of light to assist you with deeper integration and initiation into your soul code sequence. 

The very sequence you have that will spark your innate ability to create your reality from within  and actualize your soul potential….

During our time together I will share more on what a Soul Code Sequence is and how it is important that you are able to not only receive these but effectively integrate them so your innate abilities can guide you through life. These innate abilities are looking for a way to come through to shine light on what is really happening in your life. Let’s open the pathways so you can stream your essence with ease!

Meet Katrina

Katrina is where soul wisdom meets the cosmic waves of transformation. She is an Activator of Divine Potential, Conduit for Pure Creation, and an Architect for the Living Light of the Soul.

As an activator of divine truth and limitless possibilities, Katrina assists with finding the magic in “everyday” life. 

She provides an accepting, nurturing space with unparalleled access to the higher realms. She holds a frequency of truth for you as you step into your higher vision. 

Her passion is to teach and activate the visionaries, intuitives, healers, and/or the conscious entrepreneurs that are committed to their soul’s truth and ready to show up in the world in a powerful way.

Want to Deepen into this Experience?

Now is the Time!


We have never been experienced this level of light flooding into and penetrating the planet than in this very moment. It’s time to embrace your true divine essence.

What once served us no longer will suffice moving forward. It’s time to release those things that are holding you back from stepping into your soul’s mission.

It’s time to honor and integrate all that is being shared with you so you can step into your truest potential.