In this session I will connect directly with the soul to see which of the 7 original Rays of Creation you entered into this universe from. These powerful bandwidths of energy are what created everything on the planet. Your Soul Tone is filtered through one of the rays to provide a unique expression of creative potential for humanity. Once this is identified, the Master and Angel of that ray will come forward to provide a transmission to realign you and illuminate your unique tone. This will cut through all binds and provide the needed spaciousness for your true soul streams to access creative energy for your heart’s desires. This session will have far reaching results as it calls back soul aspects that have been entangled in misalignment and will provide integration for them to return home.

Why Would You Want to Be Realigned to Your Ray? The realignment to your ray sends a bandwidth of energy into your core to illuminate and align the sacred qualities of your soul. By accessing your ray you will also gain great understanding of what your core qualities are and give insight into the soul purpose.