Sacred Sisterhood Reclaimed

At the center of your heart is the wellspring of your creative essence searching for a way to stream through your life. You see, when you are creating out of resonance with the divine spark within you, you can easily lose direction and find yourself struggling in ways that are not necessary. Ultimately attempting to create in the same way you always have and in this new harmonic it is not working. You have run out of ground. It is time to allow the ground to form through you. 

We as the Divine Feminine are being called to rise and to hold each other in the highest truth so that all that is ready to be restored to the true architecture of creation can become reality. We were not designed to do this alone. In fact this is why we find ourselves stressed and in the same cycles of life that continue to strip us of our most valuable resource, connection


Do you know that you are being called to a new level of sisterhood? Are you done feeling the pain and separation that keeps robbing you of loving, supportive, and nurturing sisters?


You see your ecstatic heart is the way to reconnect and remember how your unique essence operates in these new bandwidths of living light. When the living light within is unified/coherent the gateway of the heart opens. With an open gateway, all connections align effortlessly and joyously. 


The Invitation…

We are opening the doors of The Ecstatic Heart Temple  for the first time for Sisterhood Retreats, to welcome you into the remembrance of what Sisterhood was designed to be. To reveal  what is beyond the pain, shame, jealousy, betrayal  and all other constructs that keep separating us from the truth of just how powerful we are together. To unravel these outdated ways of being so we can operate from the purity of what is being birthed through us.

Elemental Remembrance

Estatic Remembrance

Eternal Remembrance

This sanctuary is a cultivated light ground of pristine resonance that brings you into coherence with your true nature. After 12 years of architecting and streaming from pure resonance this zero point field is designed to assist you with integrating all aspects of you back into the true design that will hold the higher light.


You will experience Recognition, Restoration, and Reconnection with your true north-blueprint.


Where You’re Coming From…

*You have cultivated yourself up to this point but there is a deeper evolution of what you are becoming that requires full alignment with the inner and outer feminine


*You feel complete with being in the old paradigm of a masculine approach to creating


*Old paradigm constructs of comparison, competition and core wounds with women are ready to be integrated and shifted into a higher expression that aligns with the original covenant of creation


*You may feel challenge with creating and manifesting with true alignment


*You know there is more to experience with the fullness of your sensual, erotic self.


*You feel a disconnection with your inner and outer voice that allows you to powerfully create with precision in the world


*You are done with abandoning yourself in order to serve others


*Deep down you know that it is possible to cocreate at a level of superabundance with yourself and other women to weave a reality of peace, power, pleasure and purpose.


*You feel a deeper calling of your feminine wisdom to share her heart and voice in your family, community and the world.


*Mission is shifting over into true alignment, as the path you have been on has served, you are being called into a higher harmonic of operating fully sourced here

Who We Are…

Katrina is where soul wisdom meets the cosmic waves of transformation. She is an Activator of Divine Potential, Conduit for Pure Creation, and an Architect for the Living Light of the Soul. 


During the last 12 years she has been dedicated to the ascension process and assisting humanity through teaching, training, speaking, hosting gatherings, recoding dense energies for new possibilities, embodying the highest potential, releasing seals on sacred energy held in the earth, and bridging the new earth systems. 


She is the visionary leader of Divine Bridge for Humanity, Divinity in Action and the creator of the Soul Bridging Technology and Modality.


Katrina holds higher vibratory frequencies and heightened awareness, to view and recalibrate the truth and illusion which are threads of this paradigm. She carries and effectively utilizes these frequencies to dissolve what is standing in the way of your greatest expression. She has powerfully cultivated her challenging life curriculum to provide her with unparalleled vision into what is clogging the pathways for receiving your divine birthright.


Katrina has reached a level of consciousness that allows her to be a pure conduit with access to all levels of her soul. She operates as a pure frequency of embodied love that activates through movement, words, tones, light language, and high vibrational energy transmissions.


Katrina retrieves, embodies and anchors the necessary templates, designs, and energies for humanity. She is carrying sacred keys to unlock the necessary codes for the evolutionary process; sacred tones and light language that resonates with the soul.


These sacred tones and various languages help to integrate DNA templates, new overlays, and soul retrievals. 


As a guardian of the higher Akash she can retrieve unique forms and sequences that will connect you with your remembrance of wisdom and the codes that you carry as you cross over the veil into the New Earth. 


 As a seer she is given insight into the timeline potentials of those that are guided to her to actualize the greatest plan for their soul’s incarnation at this time. She is fully dedicated to her mission and will be holding nothing back. To come forward from the background and stand solid in the truth of our soul is of great importance now.


As an activator of divine truth and limitless possibilities, she also assists you with finding the magic in ‘everyday’ life. Through a heart of deep compassion she provides an accepting, nurturing space with unparalleled access to the higher realms. Her passion is to teach and activate the visionaries, intuitives, healers, and/or conscious entrepreneurs that are committed to their soul’s truth and ready to show up in a powerful way.

Madalyn is a guardian of the sacred, and holds a compassionate field to mirror the truth and beauty of the Soul. 

She is a multidimensional, divine vision initiator that speaks directly to the soul level. While being skilled in ancestral, personal, collective and Soul level integration, she supports in retrieving the authentic self and multidimensional embodiment of the Divine Human potential.


Her greatest joy is merging the human body with soul level integration, expanding inner infrastructure  for resonance & powerful co-creation. She works with plant allies, sound, yoga, nutrition and sacred sexuality. Madalyn was initiated with the sacred plant medicine of the Mayan and Aztec people-Cacao in 2017, and has traveled around the world, supporting in opening the hearts of hundreds of humans.


Madalyn is a holistic sexual educator, love, relationship and intimacy guide. She has spent the last several years diving deeply into understanding the nervous system and somatic healing, as well as the interpersonal relational dynamics of family constellations, and how this creates our attraction field for the relationships we become drawn to. 


As a  200 ytt Dynamic Hatha Yoga teacher, Madalyn  specializes in polarity integration through self inquiry of body mechanics, as well as bio-energetic clearing through breath and visualization. She is also a Soul Realignment practitioner, as well as a trained body worker of integrative massage therapy, blending Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, thai, balinese and clinical reflexology. Her background of shamanic practices incorporates utilizing elemental healing support woven into body work sessions, as well as etheric psychic surgery.

Where we will be going together:

Grounding into your core essence/energetics in a way that is undeniable, strong, and known no matter what field or movement happens. Reestablishing the core energetics will allow you to be in pure resonance with all of life.


Complete synthesis of your subconscious blueprint to unify and develop coherence so you become a soul infused personality that can operate here with ease. In this field of resonance the old dimensional constructs that have kept your circuits clogged will dissolve and the true circuits of the soul will ignite, clearing all your lines. This clearing and alignment will ignite new circuits within the earth and the body so you can expand into this new harmonic.

Resetting of the body to allow the circuits to clear and fully come online and assisting your physical body with where it is struggling to let go or is fighting the changes that are happening in the body, heart, and mind. 


You will come into direct connection with the dimensional expressions that match your true design to assist with completing what remains of your curriculum so you will arrive in your soul expressed reality. 


You will come into acceptance of all that is being released, all that is ready to be welcomed through you and that you are becoming now

How We Will Do This…

Each day, we will deepen into inner aspects of the Holy Family, through a holistic approach of mind, body, and soul. Upon receiving your application and donation we will create your custom journey.


For 4 days, and 3 nights…

You will be nourished with the highest quality, organic superfoods and structured water available.


Daily ceremonial cacao ritual, customized dynamic hatha yoga with Madalyn and specific guided meditations with Katrina.


Deep connection into the enchanted land of Northern New Mexico, the Rio Grande, natural hot springs and the Sangre De Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains.




Alchemical, daily ceremonies with the elements to support in opening, releasing and welcoming in all that you are.


Personalized oracular transmissions and quantum processes to assist you in grounding and anchoring in what is needed to be a unified presence of creative power. 


To See an Example of Your Schedule, you can click here.

The Ecstatic Heart Sanctuary is where you come home to who you know deep within you have always been. The place where you release the tightly woven strands of the old paradigm and integrate the fullness of your ecstatic heart expression. 


We are humbled and honored to welcome 8 beloved Sisters into our temple home to navigate depths of the heart, of fertility, of the feminine with cacao, honey, corn and water.


We have 2 options that both include your meals for the 4 days you will be in deep loving embrace.You can join us on the beautiful land of Taos New Mexico surrounded by mountains and held in either held in a tent with shared accommodations (with beds, but will need to bring your own bedding) or held in the temple space in shared accommodations. All accommodations are designed to where you will be with one other sister. 

  • Donations for shared tent accommodations are $744 all inclusive. We have 4 spaces available.  


  • Donations for shared housing accommodations are $888 all inclusive. We have 4 spaces available. 


These are first come first serve. All spaces will be set up energetically for your arrival and we are honored to see where on the land you are called to be! 


All Donations are to be sent via Cash App at the link below. If you need a different option, reach out to us and will support you with securing your space.


To join us please answer this questionnaire and submit your donation below.


*Due to the nature of this retreat all donations are non-refundable, possibly transferable though


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