The Divine Ascension Playground

This is an interactive 3 day journey to explore your soul connection and open your intuitive channels for creating in true alignment. 

The Divine Ascension Playground

This is an interactive 3 day journey to explore your soul connection and open your intuitive channels for creating in true alignment.

13 Divine Actions to Explore Your Creative Potential and Liberate Your True Essence

It is no secret that pure magic happens when we come together in play, joy, and celebration!

So that is what we are doing from Thursday, July 6th to Saturday, July 8th.

When you do this on a playground that is set up to assist you with ascending and descending into your soul’s greatest expression it becomes a field of miracles!!

This is exactly where we are inviting you to join us!

In this interactive 3-day journey you will get your map for exploring your soul connection and for accessing important parts of yourself that will open new channels to your true creative potential.

Those most important parts of you that are needed to guide you back to a truth that dissolves all those illusions (fear, lack, frustration.etc) to make it SO much easier to allow the organic process of your becoming to happen!

This is why we are taking you on a journey on a playground that is infused with dynamic structures that can hold you as you shift perceptions to see what has always been right here for you.

I know sounds simple.. it actually is when you have a structure this curated and purely magical.

So prepare yourself for a mystical journey into the magic that is within you awaiting to open the way to your greatest potential!

If you are ready to play, grow, explore, and light your life up in a powerful way, join us on The Divine Ascension Playground.

(This offering is a gift, so no monetary exchange is required)

To really light this playground up we are also rewarding prizes to the first 5 friends that complete all actions according to the rules of the playground. Here are the prizes that we are giving away during this unique opportunity to explore your creative power!

Meet the Architect of this Divine Playground

Katrina has created 1000s of training grounds to assist soul committed hearts with integrating their unique creative genius through the clear guidance of their soul.

As a guardian of the sacred, she can retrieve unique forms and sequences that will connect you with your remembrance of wisdom and the codes that you carry as you cross over the veil into the New Earth.

She carries and effectively utilizes cosmic frequencies to dissolve what is standing in the way of your greatest expression. She has powerfully cultivated her challenging life curriculum to provide her with unparalleled vision into what is clogging the pathways for receiving you’re divine inheritance.

As a seer she is given insight into the timeline potentials of those that are guided to her to actualize the greatest plan for their soul’s incarnation at this time. She is fully dedicated to her mission and will be holding nothing back. To come forward from the background and stand solid in the truth of our soul is of great importance now.